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Lists of Scots removed to New England as Prisoners by Oliver Cromwell - 1651

Source: "Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings - Oct. 1927 p. 5-28"

The aftermath of the battle of Dunbar and the treatment of the prisoners.

Until the time of the sailing of the "Unity" about 30 Scotch died each day or a total of 1600 before the sailing. Note that the ship only carried about 150 men. Unfortunately no list of these men exists but some can be identified from the end of their servitude.

A few of these were:

John STEWART - worked at the Lynn iron works, purchased by John PYNCHON and taken to Springfield, MA where he died 21 Apr 1691 leaving no family

Thomas HOLME/HUME sold to Henry SAYWARD of York for 30 pounds.

Prisoners to the Lynn Iron Works
John Clarke George Thompson Robert MacIntire
John Toish James Adams John Archbell
James Danielson John Banke Alexander Braband
Alexander Burgess George Darling Micam Downing
Alexander Dugle James Dunsmore Alexander Eaton
Alexander Ennis James Gourdan Peter Grant
Thomas Gaulter Alexander Grimes Andrew Jempson
William Jourdan Thomas Kelton James Luddle
John Mason James Mackall John MacMallen
John Jackshane William Mackwater Micam macCallum
Richard Meeme Engram Moody John Pardee
John Rupton John Steward George Thomson
James Thomson James Taylor Thomas Tower

In Kittery, ME there is a Unity Parish, doubtless from the prisoners, who were sent there to work in the sawmills. About fifteen Scotchmen worked there. They are:

Niven Agnew James Barry Alexander Cooper
William Furbush Daniel Ferguson Peter Grant
George Gray William Gowen David Hamilton
Thomas Holme John Key Alexander Maxwell
John Neal John Ross John Taylor
William Thomson James Warren

A few years later another small group was brought to a place in Maine called Scotland. They are:

John Carmichael James Grant James Jackson
Robert Junkins Micum MacIntire Alexander MacNair
Andrew Rankin

After the Battle of Worcester, Cromwell again had more prisoners to send to New England in the ship "John and Sarah", John Green, master. It seems that all the documents in this transaction, together with a list of names of these prisoners, were recorded in the Suffolk Deeds. The spelling of these names leaves perhaps more questions than answers though. The prefix "Mac" was often dropped and the rest Anglicized. Imagine trying to understand the Gaelic names and even more trying to spell them correctly. MacLothlan became Claflin; Maggafasset is Fasset; MacGowen is Magoon; Saint Clair is Sinkler; Farrabas is Forbes; Graham is Grimes; Montrose is Munroe for example.

There is a LONG list of names in this group as follows:

Alester Anderson David Anderson John Anderson
William Anderson William Banes William Beames
James Benne John Benne Thomas Bereere
Daniel Blacke John Boye John Boye
Robert Boye John Broun Henry Brounell
David Buckanon John Buckanon [Buchanan] James Camell [Campbell]
John Camell Neile Camell John Carmuckhell [Carmichael]
William Carmuckhell Neile Carter William Clewston
John Coehon [Colquhoon] Alester Cowe John Crag [Craig]
John Cragon [Craigen] James Crockford John Croome
Patrick Crosshone Edward Deugle [Dougell] William Deugell
William Dell Edward Dulen John Edminsheire
James English Patrick English James Farfarson
Michael Fossem Edward Fressell William Fressell
Daniel Gorden James Gorden John Gurden
Laughleth Gordon Alester Graunt Alexander Graunt
Daniel Graunt James Graunt James Graunt
James Graunt John Graunt John Graunt
John Graunt Patrick Graunt Thomas Graunt
William Graunt Daniel Gunn James Gurner
John Hagoman David Hamilton James Hamilton
Rory Hamilton James Hedricke William Hidrecke
Patrick Herron Robert Highen John Hogg
John Hogg John Hogg Daniel Hogg
Neile Hogg Daniel How Daniel Hudson
John Hudson Alexander Hume [Home] David Hume
David Hume James Jackson Patrick Jackson
Richard Jackson Walter Jackson David Jameson
Neile Johnsonz Patrick Jimson Patrick Jones
Alester Kallendra [Callender] David Kallender James Kallender
Daniel Kemper Charles Lesten Henry Mack
Cana Mackurnell [MacConnell] Daniel Mackannell Daniel Mackannell
Sander Mackunnell William Mackannell Mackunnell, (torn)
Alinster Mackalinsten [MacAllister] Daniel Makalester
John Mackalester Daniel Mackaine [MacKean] Daniel Mackhan
Daniel Mackaine Alester Mackhene John Mackane
John Mackane Neile Mackaine Neile Mackane
Patrick Mackane Robert Machame Robert Mackaine
Samuel Mackaine William Mackaine William Mackaine
William Mackandra [MacAndrew] James Mackally [MacCullar]
Patrick Mackcreth James Mackreith Sander Mackdoell
Hugh Mackey [MacKay] Hill Mackey [Neile] John Mackey
Rory Machy Sander Mackey William Macken
John Mackenthow Daniel Mackendocke [MacIntosh]
William Mackontoss David Macketh Neile Macketh
John Mackforson [MacPherson] Origlais (?) Mackfarson (torn)
Robert Mackfarson Patrick Mackhatherne Daniel Mackhellin
John Mackhellin Alester Mackhele James Mackhell
James Mickell Daniel Mackhoe [MacKee?] David Mackhome
John Mackholme Neile Mackone John Macklude [MacLeod]
Murtle Mackilude (torn) Macklyne Allester Macknester
Daniel Macknith Daniel Macknith Patrick Macknith
Alester Mackrore [MacCreary?] Cana Macktentha Sennel Macktenneth
Glester [Alester] Macktomas Gellust Mackwilliam Daniel Man
John Mann Patrick Mann Daniel Martin
James Michell James Micknab [MacNabb] Sander Miller
Sander Milleson David Milward James Milward
Daniel Monlow [Monroe] Hugh Monrow (torn) Munrow
John Munrow Laughell Montrose Daniel Monwilliam
David Monwilliam Sannder Morcot (torn) More
James Moore John Morre John Morre
Patrick Morton William Munckrell James Murrow
John Murrow John Murrow Jonas Murrow
Neile Murrow Neile Muckstore Daniel Oneale
David Patterson James Pattison George Perry
Edward Punn (?) Amos Querne [Queen?] George Queene
Alester Robinson Charles Robinson Daniel Robinson
James Robinson John Robinson John Robinson
Patrick Robertson Alester Ross Daniel Ross
David Ross James Ross James Ross
John Rosse John Rosse Jonas Ross
James Row Donald Roye Simon Russell
John Scott Daniel Sessor Ansell Sheron
Daniel Shurron Samuel Shiva (torn) James Shone
John Shume [Hume?] Alester Simson Daniel Simson
David Sinsom Patrick Simson Sander Simson
Salaman Sinclare Henry Smith Ansell Sotherland
Patrick Sotherland David Sterling John Sterling
Charles Stewart Austin Stewart Neile Stewart
Robert Stewart William Stewart John Tanniell
David Teller William Teller David Tenler
John Tenler Robert Tenler Andrew Terris
Evan Tiler Alexander Thompson Alester Tooth [Touch?]
Patrick Tower Nicholas Wallis Andrew Wilson
Christopher Wilson John Wilson John Wilson
John Woodall John Woodell Daniel (torn)
Patrick (torn) Patrick (torn) ..... (torn)
..... (torn) Alester (torn) ..... (torn)

Samuel STRATTON of Watertown bought one of these Scotchmen, Alexander GORTHING.

Some of the Scotchmen found their way to Block Island after being freed and became a respectable section of the early settlers. They were Alexander Innes, Robert Guthrie, Thormut (or Dermot) Rose, William Tosh, James Danielson and perhaps others.

The Sprague Journal Maine History carries the entire line of descendants from Duncan Stewart who arrived in Ipswich, Mass., one of many Scots Prisoners sent over by Oliver Cromwell.

Here is an excerpt of the large Stewart family history beginning 1654 in Ipswich, Mass.:

Duncan Stewart was born in the Highlands of Scotland about 1623. He espoused the cause of his kinsman King Charles II, and in supporting him, either at the battle of Dunbar in 1650, or Worcester in 1651, was captured by the army of Cromwell, and with the other prisoners taken in those battles sent to the American Colonies, and indentured as servants to the Colonists. Duncan was landed at Ipswich, Mass., in 1654 and married Anna Winchurst of that town. They removed to Newbury in 1659 and for thirty years occupied a farm in Byfield Parish near the Rowley town line. They later removed to Rowley. (much more at website below)

Material collected/transcribed by Janice Farnsworth